Hearing Matters - Coronavirus Update

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have to severely restrict the services we offer to stem the spread of the disease and protect our health services for those who really need it.

We will

1) Maintain phone lines which will be open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. If lines are busy  please leave clear messages and we will get back to you.

2) Post out supplies of batteries, wax guards, domes and other consumables.  If you have any other questions then please call.

3) Provide telephone support.

4) Aim to repair hearing aids in house or if this is not possible then send them away to be repaired (see hearing aid repairs, below)

We will not be able to carry out any face to face contacts with patients, this includes any hearing tests, wax removal, hearing aid adjustments, ear impressions etc


Hearing Aid Repairs

If your hearing aid stops working then we will endeavour to repair it. We need to put a system in place that protects everyone from the spread of this disease. So there are two options if your hearing aid needs to be looked at:

1) Postal service  

Hearing aids should be posted to either


Hearing Matters Ltd.                                                   

318 Mossley Road                                                     


OL6 6LW                                                                     

(Post opened Tuesday) 


Hearing Matters Ltd

80a King Street 


WA16 6ED 

(Post opened Thursday)                                          

We strongly advise that you check that the hearing aids are insured before posting.

Post to either centre but note the days we will be there to deal with the package.

Make sure the hearing aid is safely packaged to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged.

We suggest using the original hard case that you got when the hearing aid was issued.

Put the hearing aid in this case.

Put the case in a padded jiffy envelope and post to one of the centres.


2) Drop off and wait 

There will be 2 drop off and wait sessions every week. We will run these very strictly  to ensure we keep people safe and maintain the social distancing measures. 


These drop off and wait sessions will start at 10am 

Slots are book consecutively 

You must book your slot, please do not just turn up 

You must endeavour to arrive on time. 

Do not arrive early or late.

Unfortunately you will not be allowed into the premises.....

Place your packaged hearing aid on the step 

Make sure you mobile number is on the package

Ring the bell and step back 2 metres

We will come and collect the package

Then go back and wait in your car

We will look at the repair and then call you with the results

If it has to go way then we will arrange this and inform you.  

If it can be repaired then we will bring it to your car and place it on the windscreen and move away


Please follow our instructions, they are there for a reason……… to keep everyone safe.