Oticon Opn

Are Directional Microphones all they promise?

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A few months ago Oticon launched their latest platform for future hearing aids.  As a manufacturer they have taken the bold step (and out of step with other manufacturers) of a more all-encompassing digital signal processing strategy.

You probably know the feeling - sitting around a dinner table working hard to follow the thread of conversation.  You may be hearing the person across from you but when someone adjacent to you, further away says something - it's unclear - and the conversation moves on. Oticon Opn could be what you are looking for to keep you connected to the conversation.

Traditional digital, directional microphones in hearing aids often omit important information from all around you to focus on a fairly narrow field in front of you.  

Opn processes sounds up to 50 X faster and this promises up to 30% improvement in speech understanding whilst reducing the listening effort by 20%.  This is the promise ...... But does it deliver.

We have now had the opportunity to try a handful of clients with this technology and 'WOW!' Is what they say.   All of these clients have previously worn directional microphone technology from various manufacturers.  The overwhelming consensus of opinion from them, after 6-8 weeks of trials, is exceptionally positive and perhaps, for once, the 'hype' is not misplaced.  

The hearing aids can be controlled/adjusted through a smartphone App or remote control but early signs show that once tuned and fine-tuned, the hearing aids seem to be able to cope extremely well with noise whilst still amplifying speech - so very few adjustments are necessary.

Opn promises a 360 degree soundscape and if you think that is what your current hearing system lacks - then this might be the product for you. Call us for a no obligation trial.