Hearing Matters New Collaboration With Snugs

A New Generation Of Wearable Technology

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.......BREAKING NEWS.......

Your team at Hearing Matters is pleased to announce the dawn of a new generation of wearable technology and a new partnership with custom earphone maker Snugs, take a look at their website for their extensive range of products. www.snugsearphones.co.uk

So, to celebrate this new alliance we have a special introductory offer.

Call to book a slot at our Knutsford Branch on the following dates and you will receive a £25 off voucher.

Monday 17th July    1.00pm until 4.30pm         or          Tuesday 18th July    1.00pm until 4.00pm

You will have your ears scanned with the revolutionary Phoenix 3D mapping system, producing a non invasive digital replica of the inside of your ears. The scanning experts from Snugs will be on hand to answer all your questions.

A digital ear scans opens up your world to a exclusive range of products that enhance your listening pleasure. You may like the Beats X with custom earphone sleeves or the fully wireless Snugs earphones. Alternatively we can improve the sound of your current headphones with a custom sleeve - we have patterns for over 200 different headphone models.

Custom headphones provide extraordinary comfort and improve your audio listening pleasure, delivering a wide expansive sound and level of detail you have never experienced previously.

Take this opportunity to be one of the first to get your ears fitted with these little gems.

Call now to book on 0800 852 7171