Your Team

Your team at Hearing Matters is ready to help you with any questions you may have.

We listen to your queries and suggest ways in which we can help you.

Our aim is to find answers to help you make the best decisions.


We’re all kind and caring characters who strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Below you will find information about the people who make Hearing Matters tick.


When it comes to hearing then Brian is a very wise man. Since leaving education, he’s been all about the ears.

With decades of experience to draw upon he can weave his way through the most complex scenarios with consummate ease. Meticulous in his approach, if there is a way to succeed, he’ll find it.

Honest and diligent.

Up hill and down dale they go. One man and his dog. Scampering across Cornish beaches as the rollers crash in. Bracing breezes and wild Pennine vistas. Brian and Barney love to take in the very freshest air and wildest weather Britain has to offer.


Greying hair, just one indication of the years of hearing knowledge he’s accumulated.

A relaxed approach but with a determination to find the answers to your questions. Always looking for ways to seamlessly integrate the latest hearing technology into your daily life.

Patient and persistent

Peter, the snap happy chappy. With his camera in his hand, he wonders the trails and towpaths, hills and dales looking to capture the majestic scenes of beauty that adorn the country we live in.


Destined from a very early age there was only one career for Zoe. The Ear Career.

If you see her, ask her to tell you the story. With a grasp on the very latest thinking in the world of sound, she leads the way with innovation and enlightenment.

Enthusiastic and determined.

Grand Slam or Davis Cup you’ll find her watching every rally and playing every point. Connoisseur of the crashing forehand and delicate drop volley.

Most Summers you’ll find her sat on the lawns of Wimbledon, warm sun, wispy clouds, glass of bubbly, strawberries and cream. Lovely!!!



She is the beating heart of Mission Control , our logistical goddess.

Like a chess grand master she moves all the pawns in to the correct position so the stars align and you get your appointment.

Caring and organised.

If you work hard then you certainly deserve a break. Helen enjoys her holidays, it can be boats and beaches, sun and sand or surfing and seas. Pop on the straw hat and pack the flipflops, she's off.

But it has to be warm, she won’t thank you for a week in Lapland.


Co-ordinating operations is our Administrator Anne.

Answering your calls, making your appointments, offering assistance and enjoying a jolly good chat.

Easing your way to happier hearing.

Kind and cheerful.

‘The Beautiful Game’. Premier League or local park, if there’s a match on, she’ll watch it. Come match day, it's a warm coat, team scarf and a nod to tradition - a hot flask of Bovril.

And yes gentlemen, she does understand the intricacies of the offside rule.