Hearing Protection

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Hearing Protection

We provide a range of custom made hearing protection to help protect your ears when hearing in noisy environments, such as music events or at work without effecting the quality of sound heard. Please see check in the list for the specific protection you require. If you do not find what you are looking for then give us a call to discuss.

Snugs Earphones

Snugs is a British brand of custom fitted earphones.  If you have ever found your earphones uncomfortable or falling out of your ears, you’ll love how Snugs earphones fit you perfectly, stay in place and perform brilliantly.

Whether you are into sport, music, gaming or just a better set of earphones, Snugs have the right earphones for you – all with custom tips that are unique to you.

Hearing Matters is proud to be the Snugs’ partner outlet in the Manchester Area: call us for more information on how we create the perfect Snugs for you and your ears.

Or click here to visit the Snugs site for more information

"You won’t find a better fitting pair of in-ear headphones" - Rick Sharma, Sports and Fitness Journalist


Swimming Earplugs (Custom Made)

Your custom made swim plugs allow for a perfect fitting earplug that stops water entering your ears. They are commonly used for regular swimmers and for people who have grommets. Like with an ear impression, a sponge is placed down your ear and the ear is filled with a silicon material. This takes around 5 minutes to set. Once set it is removed and we then have the exact shape and size of your ear. Your mould is then trimmed, smoothed and coated to provide a more water tight fit. You can choose from a range of colours to get the look that you are after.

Shooters Earplugs

We are able to provide custom made ear protection specifically for shooting. We take the impressions of your ear, send them away to be manufactured and once made, provide a fitting appointment to make sure they fit you comfortably and advise you on how to maintain them.

DJ’s / Muscians

We are able to provide custom made hearing protection or in ear monitors if you are looking to take care of your ears whilst in a music venue or if you are performing on stage. Impressions of your ears are taken and once manufactured we provide a fitting appointment. We will make sure they fit you correctly and run through the maintenance that will be needed to make sure they work at their best.


We are able to provide a range of hearing protection for motorcyclists. Whether it be to reduce noise levels or to enable communication between you and a fellow rider. Impressions are taken, once made a fitting appointment is provided to ensure a good fit of the custom plugs and to go through the maintenance needed.

Sleep or Sound Reduction Earplugs

Are you looking for a bit of peace and quiet? Does your partner snore? Are you working shifts? Do you need quiet whilst you concentrate or study? Custom made plugs help to eliminate loud sounds to help you get uninterrupted sleep or concentrate when you need to focus on a special project. These plugs are custom made for your ears to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.