Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and forms. They can fit inside or behind your ear. There are differing technology levels which we will try and match to your listening requirements and lifestyle needs to find the model that suits you the best. Each manufacturer has there own website which showcase their ranges and benefits that they believe can be achieved by using their technology.

Real Ear Measurements (REM's)

REM's are important in verifying how a hearing aid is working when been worn. It provides a visual representation of sound been heard. It allows minor adjustments to be made to a hearing aid, taking into account the natural acoustics of an individuals ear.

Visible Speech Mapping

Visible speech mapping can be used when fitting hearing aids. Hearing aids are there to amplify speech to an audible level, and to make sure this is happening real live speech is played from either an Audiologist or speech from a significant other such as a partner. It allows visual representation of the persons speech and how this is heard by the hearing aids. It makes sure the hearing aid (s) are amplifying speech at a comfortable level.

Lisn- S

Listening in Spatialized Noise-Sentences Test aims to assess your ability to understand speech when background noise in present by creating a virtual three-dimensional acoustic space under the headphones. It also assess your ability to use spatial cues that normally help differentiate a target talker from distracting speech sounds. It was originally designed to assess children who have suspected Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) but we have also found that it can help gauge how well someone with a hearing difficulty will be able to understand speech in background noise, prior to a hearing aid fitting.