Phonak Belong

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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Phonak have recently launched their first rechargeable hearing aid and claim a number of 'world firsts'.  Specifications suggest that this product - which is a miniature post-aural, receiver-in-the-canal instrument - will run for a full 24hours on a three-hour charge. Impressive!  There is a choice of two docking stations for the product, which uses a built-in Lithium-Ion cell.  The built-in cell should be good for 4years and will require a return to the manufacturer when this eventually needs replacement.


The obvious benefit of rechargeable is for those people who have dexterity issues and find it a difficult job each week to change their hearing aid batteries.  In addition to that there is the 'green issue'. Rechargeable batteries mean a reduction in waste - which is often toxic - you may have heard on the news recently about these 'button-type cells' becoming lodged in the throats of toddlers and infants and causing quite severe oesophageal burns.  Rechargeable hearing aids of this type must surely reduce such incidents.


There is also an updated software for the 'Belong' family with a few minor tweaks and improvements over their current high-end products.  

On the whole I was rather impressed with Phonaks first foray into the rechargeable hearing aid market. We have a number of clients who have been using rechargeable hearing aids very successfully for a number of years and I believe this product will prove to be superior in many ways - not least of which is a smaller product that is now able to comfortably last all day even when factoring in average use of Bluetooth Streaming from external devices such as mobile phones. 

I promise a further update once we have some feedback from clients who have undergone trials of these instruments.