Peppa Pig Comes To The Rescue

Utilising Technology To Your Advantage

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It’s when your ENT Consultant comes into your room and says “I’ve got lady who needs a hearing test.” 

“No problem” I reply. 

Mr ENT adds “She got her daughter with her.” glint in his eye.

“That’s fine” I respond, unsuspectingly.

“Mum’s by herself, the daughters only 20 months old, there’s nobody to look after the little one, do your best, see what you can do and good luck” Mr ENT beats a retreat back to his consulting room with a little chuckle.

Now it’s not every day I’m faced with this, in fact it’s a fair few years maybe even decades since this situation last arose. So what do I do? 

Mum needs to be inside the soundproof booth. She also needs it to be quiet. That means I can’t sit them both together in the same room. So daughter has to sit outside staring at her mum through a glass panel in the soundproof room door . This is not ideal.

A plan is hatched. Mum provides food for her daughter to munch. Audiologist heads to You Tube and calls upon the star of pre-school television. The One. The Only……

__________PEPPA PIG__________

Perfect solution. Mum has full hearing test. Daughter is quiet as a mouse, spellbound and munching on a chocolate chip bun. Not missing being separated from her mummy one bit.

So I’d like to say thank you to a lovely mum and her adorable daughter for helping me do my work. And to Peppa Pig, the audiologists assistant.