How to enhance your TV Listening Experience

Many of us struggle with the sound quality on new TV sets, heres an answer.

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This home entertainment speaker system can improve the listening experience for all of us who find the sound quality on television programmes challenging. I know- II have road-tested and compared these to others and they are exceptional.

Many of us could benefit from improved speech clarity from the television. How many times do you sit there and go “what did they say?” We want more clarity and greater understanding. This speaker system delivers just that.


The sound is beamed directly to the listener so that they receive a personal and focused hearing experience without disturbing those around them. The family listens to the TV as usual whilst you received an enveloping customised 3D sound experience. All of this as the family is sat in the same room, together, sharing your leisure time, the way it’s meant to be.


The sound is sent from the TV on a carrier signal in a very narrow beam – much like how a torch beams light. The sound stays confined to that narrow beam, and as result travels directly to the listener without bouncing around the room. It provides greater clarity with more focus.


Who should consider HyperSound Clear?

If you require the TV volume at a higher level than the rest of the family

If you want your TV to sound better

If you occasionally mishear the TV and would like greater clarity

If you already wear  hearing technology and would like a better TV listening experience

Please contact a hearing professional to discuss this technology and find out how it can help you.

For Hearing Matters call free on 0800 852 7171 enquire via our contact form.