Can Your Ears Help With Migraines?

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There have been a number of articles written on a certain ear piercing deemed to help with migraines. Not many people would have thought an ear piercing could result in migraine relief but many people who have had the piercing have noted a reduction in their migraine symptoms, or that they have completely disappeared. The theory behind the piercing is the area of the piercing is through an acupuncture pressure point which has traditionally been used for short term migraine relief.

The daith piercing is on the crux of helix. It is the area of the ear where there is a fold of cartilage, it can be quite awkward due to the curvy nature of the area. You need to have a good cartilage fold to be able to successfully have the piercing.

Currently there is no scientific evidence that has been carried out on the effects of daith piercing on migraines. However there have been a number of surveys that have shown long lasting improvements on migraines after having a daith piercing. A new grade medical survey currently been carried out by Dr Chris Blatchley, of the London Migraine Clinic has so far found that after patients have had a daith piercing

-     75% say their migraines have 'greatly improved' or 'no longer have them'

-     82% of patients who had a daith piercing for migraines are 'very pleased' or 'delighted

-     49% of patients who were taking medication (Triptans) before the daith piercing were able to stop them post piercing.

In the future science may be able to back these claims up. In the meantime only subjective measures can be carried out. The reality is often your mental state can effect your health. It's simple, if you believe it will help, it just may.

Zoe Dingle - Audiologist