5 Top Tips For Hearing Over The Holidays

Just because you mishear it doesn't mean you have to miss out.

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Is it too early to say it.. I don't think so... I love Christmas and it is just around the corner! For many Christmas is a time for hosting dinner parties, going out for drinks and meals, but mostly spending some quality time with our loved ones. Sounds great. It is great, however for someone who mishears Christmas can be a very challenging time. Here are 5 top tips for better hearing over the festive period;

1) Give your hearing aids an MOT

When was the last time your audiologist looked over your hearing aids? Book an appointment to give your hearing aids a well deserved overhaul before the festive period begins. 

2) Check for earwax

Earwax can imapct on your hearing and also interferer with your hearing technology. If your ears contain a lot of wax, it can block the sound resulting in reduced hearing and less effective hearing technology performance. Arrange an appointment to have your ears checked and the wax removed if needed. You'll be glad you did.

3) Ask people to slow down their speech

We are always in a rush these days and when speaking quickly the clarity of the words can be effected. If you ask people to slow down their speech, words will be formed more clearly. It will also allow you more time to process and interpret what has been said, a double bonus!

4) In a group make sure you can see everyone's face

If heading out for a meal with friends and family aim for that round table. A round table will give you a better chance of hearing everyone. It can be tricky on a long rectangular table hearing the person on the other end. Look for a well lit table, being able to easily see everyones face means that less effort is used in trying to listen.

5) Be involved and be proactive 

Just because you mishear it doesn't mean you have to miss out. If you don't quite catch something ask them to repeat what was said. You deserve to hear that punch line. Take control of tricky listening situations and stay social.