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"I am so happy that I made an appointment with Peter Jones. His advice was professional and helpful. He understood my apprehension, was very patient and took time to listen to me and to explain everything in detail."

Lynda Wagstaff

"Peter Jones was superb in the way he managed and communicated with Dad who has complex age and noise related hearing loss. At no point was there any sales pressure."

John Jackson

"They provide a highly professional, honest and personal approach to both the investigation of hearing loss and the provision of hearing aids. ...I would strongly recommend using their services."

Mr Andrew Birzgalis FRCS ORL, Consultant ENT Surgeon

"Peter Jones has been an invaluable support to my service ...highly professional and very approachable for the patients..."

Mr Andrew Camilleri, Consultant ENT Surgeon

"I can say without reservation that Brian is an excellent audiologist. The quality of his testing has been key to the management of many patients over the years."

Professor Shakeel R Saeed MD, FRCS (ORL)

"...the hearing aids he recommended very discreet, highly effective and remarkably flexible..."


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"I would recommend Peter Jones to anyone who is having problems with unresolved blocked ears/earwax issues. Don't go anywhere else, you will be wasting you're time & money."


"My special thanks to Peter for his help, patience and professionalism. I would certainly recommend your services to all my family and friends."

Roger Allison

"I am so happy, something I thought I'd never hear myself say about hearing aids!"

Andrea - Age 41

"The ongoing service I receive from Brian and the team is second to none, nothing seems to be too much trouble."


"...lots of fun splashing about at Center Parcs with my new plugs..."

Edward - Aged 2

"You took time out to listen to my story and I felt you tried to understand me as a person and the life style I enjoyed prior to my hearing loss, together with my aspirations for the future."



"You resolved my hearing problems so skilfully and so satisfactorily in ways I would not have imagined. I am delighted with the outcome. Thank you so much."


"I have worked with Brian Unsworth for over two decades and have been delighted with the service he affords my patients."

Trevor Farrington FRCS, Consultant ENT Surgeon

"I'm glad to say I'm on the right path with new earplugs from Hearing Matters"

Oliver Lang - DJ/Producer

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